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Welcome to CoupleScience

Professional Counseling for Struggling Couples
in a safe & convenient virtual space

National Certified Counselor (NCC)


The National Certified Counselor is the premier certification for the counseling profession. NCCs have voluntarily met high national standards for the practice of counseling. They are competent in skills such as human growth and development, social and cultural foundations, helping relationships, group counseling, career counseling, assessment, research and program evaluation, and professional counseling.

Communication is always KEY

“We need to learn how to communicate” is the number one reason couple’s turn to CoupleScience for help. We understand that your goal is to communicate in a caring and effective way with your partner.  It’s very frustrating when your efforts to improve a situation at home backfire and lead to an argument.

At CoupleScience we dive deep into the origins of problems with communication. We teach you which specific tools will work for you.

“We need to be able to resolve conflicts. We have arguments, but nothing changes.”

When this situation becomes the norm in a relationship, feelings of hopelessness arise. At CoupleScience, we focus on the problems that uniquely affect you in your home. We teach you how to get to the heart of the conflicts that are destroying your partnership. Then we help you learn and practice proven methods that foster positive feelings towards one another, as well as genuine empathy and understanding of one another.

Initial meet and greet

CoupleScience offers an online initial consultation to help you experience what it will be like in your couple's coaching sessions.


Kathleen Anderson offers condensed consultations up to 30 minutes at a time you designate, to make it simple to have a good idea of what CoupleScience is all about.

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Self-pay Couple's Coaching &  Counseling

Relationship problems are totally normal, but there may come a time when you could benefit from professional support. 

What's different about CoupleScience?

Couple Hugging

The primary difference at CoupleScience is we do not see a problematic relationship as the fault of one partner over another. We don't scapegoat individuals. We view the relationship itself as the primary focus. Our interventions are research based and interactive. Couples are guided to focus on the things they will need to do in the long term for the good of their relationship. 

The counselor/coach/teachers at CoupleScience are trained to identify the strengths of every relationship and build on those, while ferreting out the problematic mindsets & behaviors that have proven to be detrimental to a happy home.

Since 2020, our practice has provided only online, virtual sessions, for the safety & convenience of our clients. We are no longer restricted to a single location, and are pleased to serve people throughout Florida.

Individual Counseling

We are extremely experienced in helping people overcome stress-related issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, relationship conflicts, and many more issues. I will help you in any way that I can. I believe in helping individuals feel better, have increased energy and hopefulness, as well as achieve goals related to work, school and home.

We offer virtual (Zoom) sessions for individuals who need help with a variety of issues.

Each individual is unique and requires an intelligent and compassionate assessment of their current issues so I can understand not only what is happening to you right now, but also how your past has affected present day problems. Ultimately my goal is to help you become your best self, and find relief from the pain of ongoing anxiety, depression, or trauma.

We help you take the first step. and learn skills to last for years to come.

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Gottman Relationship Check-up

New Enhanced Gottman Relationship Checkup is an online test for struggling couples. This test saves time and money by providing in depth insights about what you need to improve to be a functioning, happy pair! Each partner has their own sign in and tests individually.

Loving Couple

Save your time

Find out why your relationship isn't working

Develop a blueprint for positive change

Save your money

Your information is confidential

Test fee includes interpreatation by Dr John Gottman & Dr. Julie Gottman as well as Kathleen Anderson

About Us

Ms. Kathleen Anderson graduated from the University of North Florida in 1993 with a Masters of Education in Counseling and Guidance. She became a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor in 1996 and is currently in private practice. Kathleen works with struggling couples in search of the friendship and romance they once shared.

Kathleen has 26 years of experience working as a Lic. Mental Health Counselor.She has Level 3+ training through the Gottman Institute of Seattle, Washington. For the past 8 years she has concentrated on helping motivated couples heal and restore positive connections.

Her primary goal as a Couples Coach is to help couples repair their love and friendship so that hopefully when their children grow up, this difficult phase of their lives will be no more than a faint memory. She wants to stop the cycle of pain and loss that unnecessary divorce brings, especially to children.

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Kathleen has helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. She provides guidance that is truthful never making me feel judged. I love talking with her and coming every week. I feel like she is a friend I can confide in and be absolutely honest to. She has gone above and beyond in being there for me on a short notice. I highly recommend her!

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I came to see Kathleen for depression and anxiety. By the end of my first visit Kathleen had put me at ease and made me feel hopeful. I was excited to go back for my next appointment and have felt stronger and less anxious with each visit.

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She has helped me through a very dark time in my life so far, being gentle when the situation required it but not hesitating to push back hard against some of my darker thoughts and negative tendencies. She has been very helpful in guiding me through this very painful chapter of my life and helped...

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She has been thoughtful and understanding throughout everything. Is working diligently to assist my partner and I as we go through difficult times. Highly recommend!

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She is welcoming, understanding, kind hearted and genuinely cares about her clients. You feel welcome as soon as you step foot into her office. She allows you to be yourself all the while helping you to become a better version of you. Personable, reliable and very accommodating to any schedule. She goes out of her way to work with her clients on scheduling, payment and session time. She’s the best!

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Kathleen is amazing at what she does. She has been essential to the process of helping me cope with my depression and anxiety. She is very understanding and patient. I highly recommend her.

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