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Couple's Coaching &Counseling

New Enhanced Gottman Relationship Checkup is an online test for struggling couples. This test saves time and money by providing in depth insights about what you need to improve to be a functioning, happy pair! Each partner has their own sign in and test and you do not see each other's answers. 


  • Save your valuable time and money.

  • Find out specifically why your relationship is not working.

  • Develops a blueprint for positive change!


  •  Your info is confidential

  •  Test fee includes interpretation by both Dr and Mrs. Gottman and Kathleen Anderson, licensed therapist.



Ms. Kathleen Anderson graduated from the University of North Florida in 1993 with a Masters of Education in Counseling and Guidance. She became a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor in 1996 and is currently in private practice.
Kathleen works with struggling couples in search of the friendship and romance they once shared.

All sessions are virtual (online). Our office at Golfside drive is no longer open.



Will my insurance cover everything?

Insurance is meant to cover medically necessary mental health problems. MOST issues couples have DO NOT relate to a mental illness. Everyday couples struggle with communication, intimacy and conflict resolution. MEDICAL insurance isn't designed to pay for the issues that ordinary couples face day to day. As a licensed mental health counselor Kathleen Anderson does provide mental health care for individuals only. This care is typically covered by insurance as long as the individual has a medical need and a diagnosis of a psychiatric condition.

Do you have evening appointments?

We are open by appointment Tuesday- Friday, 9-5.

How much will Couples Coaching and Counseling sessions cost?

$150 an hour for initial consult. If you are accepted for Couple's work, weekly sessions are $225 per session.

What's the biggest mistake Couple's make regarding seeking help?

When couples dealing with communication and conflict issues demand that they are seen "under insurance". Yes, some individuals with a diagnosed mental illness do receive family therapy that is covered by their insurance. But that is provided under strict managed care guidelines, and is subject to audit and review by the insurance companies. We wish insurance WOULD cover couple's counseling because a happy relationship makes for a healthier life but unfortunately until insurance companies change their policies, we can't provide COUPLES'S COACHING and bill insurance. That would be fraud and we will not even consider it for obvious reasons.

What's the Second biggest mistake Couple's make that sabotages their progress?

Wanting FAST results with minimum investment. You know the issues you are facing took time to develop and become entrenched in your lives, and it will also take TIME to address the situations and behaviors that are blocking you from a peaceful and happy relationship. The couples that suceed are realistic about treatment for serious potentially relationship-ending issues.

Couple's Hug


Kathleen is the most kind, caring and understanding professional. She is empathetic, knowledgeable, competent & genuine and is a very effective caregiver. I would highly recommend Kathleen.