Self-Pay Rates:

$120.00 1st hour of any session day

(1 hour min)


$60 per hour for any additional time added to initial session. Additional time is pro-rated to the minute. (so 30 min = $30.)

Self-Pay appointment requests:

Please complete this appointment request form and return it by email to Kathleen at along with the New Patient Form (below).


Please complete the portion of this New Patient Form that does not concern insurance. Where it asks for insurance info indicate if you are choosing to decline use of your insurance or simply do not have insurance at all.

Once we have received your Appointment

Request form and your New Patient Form we will send you a link by text and email

so you can setup your Jituzu

patient portal.

Here are directions on how to setup

your portal from Jituzu:


























If you are experiencing a mental health emergency (feeling like you want to harm

yourself or someone else or both) - call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.














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Submission of information to Kathleen Anderson, LMHC, LLC does not constitute a patient-therapist relationship.  Patients are accepted based on medical necessity and their individual needs. 

We do not accept Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement.  

At times we will refer new patients to other providers if necessary.

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