Marriage Counseling


Deciding to start marriage counseling can feel like a huge step, so let's answer some of your questions:



Q-  Should we come to the first session together?

A-  Yes.

Q- Should we take the Gottman Relationship Checkup before we start counseling?

A- Yes. 


Q-Can we come to this marriage counseling even if we have "failed" with other counselors?



Q- Will my insurance cover everything?

A- Insurance reimbursements are based on medical necessity and insurance will NOT reimburse marriage counseling.  Insurance will cover a certain amount of family therapy. Services that are nonbillable will be billed to you through your Jituzu patient portal.


Q- How much will it cost if I am "self-pay"?

A- The first session is $150 for initial consult.

Follow up sessions are $120 an hour.

Q- Do you have evening appointments? 

A- We have evening appointments every Wednesday until 8pm.

We also have Saturday appointments from 10-4pm.


Q- What if my partner refuses to attend?

A- It's recommended that you go ahead and start as long as it's safe for you to do so (ie; your partner isn't physically abusive/you could attend without endangering yourself)


Q- What if my partner IS threatening me?

A- Think of your safety and the safety of your children first.  Call a domestic violence hotline such as:


Hubbard House- Jacksonville/Duval county  PHONE 24-HOURS A DAY CALL (904) 354-3114. TTY: (904) 354-3958)

Quigley House- Orange Park/Clay County (1-800-339-5017 or 904-284-0061)

Betty Griffin House- St. Augustine/St. Johns County (904) 824-1555)



Family Therapy is based on medical necessity. Appointments can be scheduled only after the intake process (including submission of required information) has been completed and approved.  If we are unable to assist you, we will endeavor to point you in the right direction to get the best care for your situation.  

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