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Individual Counseling

It's very important that you know I am in this field to sincerely help you. When you connect with me in a therapeutic setting, you receive my full attention and concern. After a session clients typically experience significant relief and progress towards their personal goals. I believe one can tell the difference between a healthcare provider who is there primarily to just do a job versus a provider who genuinely cares about their clients.

Who We Specialize in Serving


English Only

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*Accepted Insurance

Oscar Health

United Healthcare




Treatment Approaches

Exposure Response Prevention

Rational Emotive Behavior (REBT)

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Behavior Modification

Gottman Method




Important: By clicking the 'Book Now' button above, you will be redirected to 'Headway' to register an account and complete your insurance information.

What if my insurance is rejected?

If your insurance is rejected, please complete the 'Standby List' form by clicking on the button.

We will assess your insurance and come back to you with an alternative. Please note; there is a $7.50 charge for this service payable on registration.

All Counseling Sessions are Virtual via Zoom. Sessions can be audio only if you prefer

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