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How to make straight A's in marriage school

Couples coaching sessions require effort on your part to truly make a difference. It's like marriage school and there's a lot of homework!

You'll receive essential education that needs to be put into practice not just once or twice.

Some Couples reject certain suggestions, saying : "We've already tried that and it don't work."

If that's the case it's essential to find out what went wrong and correct it- as opposed to just giving up.

Couples that take an enthusiastic approach to their sessions have much more success. On the other hand if you resent "having " to do couples work, your results will be nil until you realize the value of the work.

Also, pay attention to the instructions carefully. Ask questions. Make sure you understand your assignments.

Recognize that it's taken time for your problems to develop and it will take time to assess, intervene, modify, and correct your reactions to one another. Have faith and patience in the process, and you'll experience greater rewards and outcomes.

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