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Specific things to avoid when making love if you're prone to stress.

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

The biggest mistakes Couples make with love making include:

  • Putting pressure on themselves to be a "good" sex partner.

  • Becoming a spectator of their own lovemaking

  • Grading their partner's performance

  • Attempting to mimic the sex scenes shown in media

Anytime you put pressure on yourself during intimacy the stress is increased. Instead relax, enjoy your time with your special someone.

Avoid spectating or score keeping. Be in the moment and if your thoughts start to wander, to fears or embarrassment, focus instead on giving and receiving love.

It's fine to set the mood and have good intentions for a satisfying intimacy experience, but you're dealing with biological reactions that are not entirely in your control. For example, putting pressure on yourselves to orgasm is like trying to time a sneeze; it's not possible for the most part.

Sex is messy, funny, awkward, tiring, exciting and sometimes embarrassing. Those movie sex scenes require a lot of attempts and editing to perfect them. Real life is not the same and it's best to avoid comparisons or unreasonable expectations.

Focus on LOVEmaking not sexmaking, and you'll have better experiences that bring you closer as a couple.

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