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Is Your Love Life in a Slump? A CoupleScience™ Guide to Reviving Intimacy

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Let's be candid: sex is vital in most committed relationships. Initially, it's often a big part of the shared time and can act as a relationship stabilizer. When things are going well in the bedroom, communication tends to improve, and conflicts seem to reduce. But what about when things start to go awry?

This is a common issue that brings couples to CoupleScience™. Interestingly, our experience shows that problems in the bedroom are usually just the tip of the iceberg.

Red Flags in Your Intimate Life

If you're encountering intimacy issues, consider them early warning signs. Various life stages and challenges—like new parenthood, bodily changes with age, or work stress and caregiving responsibilities—can all impact your love life.

Wishful Thinking Won't Solve Anything Hoping that a low point in your sex life will self-correct is usually unrealistic. At CoupleScience™, we might not be certified Sex Therapists, but we are trained to tackle many common hurdles that hamper intimacy.

Intimacy Starts Outside the Bedroom Many people assume that a healthy sex life is solely determined by what happens between the sheets. Our work shows that bedroom issues often have their origins in daily interactions and unresolved conflicts.

The Gottman Institute echoes this, emphasizing that true intimacy goes beyond sex. It involves daily acts of kindness, attention, and care, which lay the groundwork for a balanced intimate life.

Recovery is Possible If you find that you and your partner have grown distant in your sexual relationship, know that there's a way back to a fulfilling intimate life. It requires time and effort, as the issues usually didn't surface overnight.

At CoupleScience™, our method starts with a comprehensive evaluation followed by a tailored plan based on each couple's unique circumstances. We remain hopeful because we believe in the power of love and friendship. With a commitment to understanding and expanding your views on intimacy, significant progress is not just possible, it's likely.

Kathleen Anderson, LMHC LLC

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